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Return Rider/Refresher Motorcycle Training Course:


Returning Rider/Refresher


This program combines elements of the BRC and BRC2, and includes knowledge and skill tests. It is designed for riders who have their own motorcycle and possess basic skill but have not ridden for several years. This course is conducted on your motorcycle, which needs to be legaly registered, inspected and insured. Even if you were a good rider back in the day, traffic patterns have changed and motorcycles have evolved. For example, technology has bestowed better handling, less weight, and more power within each engine displacement category. (8 hour course) 

Refresher/Skills Practice


Basic RiderCourse – Skills Practice is a half-day on-cycle program consisting of BRC riding exercises. It is designed for riders to practice their basic skills, whether or not they were successful in the regular BRC. There is no formal classroom instruction. Motorcycles and helmets are provided for your use. Completion of this course does not earn you a license test waiver, and will not qualify you for an insurance discount. (5 hour course)

5 hours of riding time covering:

• Straight-line riding
• Turning
• Shifting
• Braking
• Advanced turning and braking
• Swerving
• Skills test (Optional)



Tuition: $250



We have flexible schedules, call the office for more information or Click here to view existing schedule