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Motorcycle Instructors Wanted


Mass Motorcycle School, LLC . and the Registry of Motor Vehicles are always looking for people interested in becoming an MSF- Certified Instructors.

Become an instructor by completing an MSF-approved RiderCoach Preparation workshop (RCP). The RCP will prepare you to teach the MSF’s Basic Motorcycle RiderCourse (BRC), called the Basic/Beginner Rider Course.


These are paid positions, although most involved are primarily motivated by a love of motorcycling and a desire to be a part of helping the sport grow while reducing motorcycle-related injuries.


The cost of the preparation workshop is $500; offered usually once a year; and will require, in total, about 100hrs of commitment.


If you are interested in becoming an instructor/coach, we ask that you complete the basic rider course, at a minimum, 2 years prior to your candidacy. We will offer a seat in our class at no cost to you if you need to meet this requirement. We also ask that you spend 2 additional weekends "shadowing" and then "range aiding". These experiences will prepare you for the intensive workshop and well as help you determine if "this is for you".


If you are interested, please print this application, fill it out, and mail to us.  We will keep your application on file, and call you to schedule an interview as we near the next Instructor Preparation Workshop.


For questions, call or e-mail Mass Motorcycle School at (508) 278-0172 or