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Q: How do I obtain a Motorcycle License in the state of Massachusetts?

1. Make an appointment at the RMV and take the Motorcycle Learners Permit test ($30) Not needed to take the class!

2. Pay your Motorcycle License Fee ($3-$15) to the RMV (90 days to complete)

3. Update your RMV Profile

4. Prove residency and make sure you don't have outstanding obligations (90 days to complete)

5. Enroll in one of our courses

6. Successfully complete a Basic Rider Course (BRC) or Experienced Rider Course (BRC2)

7. We will then input your information into the RMV's ATLAS system and provided you have done all of the above, you should receive your license in the mail.


For detailed information and links click on "Get Your License" on the blue bar to the left of the webpage

Q: How do I successfully complete this course?

1) Submit a copy of your e-Course certificate to your coach prior to the end of class.

2) Attend all class discussion and range discussion.

3) Complete all range exercise's and COMPLETE THE OBJECTIVE of each exercise

4) Pass skill eval at the end of the range exercises.


Q: Can I be dismissed from the class?

You will be dismissed:

1) If you are late to the class or range


3) Are determined to be a danger to yourself or others

4) Drop your motorcycle 3 times during the class

5) Crash your motorcycle and 1. Injure yourself or someone else or 2. Motorcycle becomes unusable due to the crash

6) Fail the final riding evaluation

Q: Can I download a copy of the class workbook to preview before class?

You can view or download the workbook using this link.  MSF Class Handbook You will not be provided a copy of the workbook.

Q: What percentage of students "pass"? Are students ever dismissed?

Unscientifically speaking, about 90% of all students complete our courses successfully. Of the 10% that don't complete successfully, some just never show up to the course, some students find that "motorcycling isn't for them", and yes, a few are dismissed. As much as they feel they are progressing, they become a hazard to themselves and others. Mass Motorcycle School's prime position/mission is to maintain a safe learning environment for everyone because you can get injured even practicing in a parking lot. Students may become discouraged or angry with us, but we want to avoid injury or incident. Most of the time, students agree with the assessment and were just waiting to hear it from one of our staff.

Q: Do I need a motorcycle to take the course?

No. We provide the motorcycles for the beginner RiderCourse. (You DO need your own motorcycle for the experienced RiderCourse.)

Q: Do I need a motorcycle permit to take the course?

No -Technically, anyone is welcome to take our course and benefit from rider education, with or without a permit. However, if you are a Massachusetts resident and you wish to obtain a motorcycle license endorsement you will need to obtain a motorcycle permit first ($30) and pay the endorsement fee to the RMV ($15)

 Q: How do I get a motorcycle permit?

Note: Due to Covid-19, the permiting process has been modified, check the RMV web-site!

Many of the questions are simply rules of the road and are not motorcycle specific. You should know the limitations on the operation of a motorcycle on a permit. They are:

  • You are allowed to ride only in the state of Massachusetts on a Massachusetts permit.
    (No out of state riding)
  • You are allowed to ride only during daylight hours (No night riding).
  • You cannot carry any passengers while riding on a permit.

These restrictions are lifted once you become a licensed motorcyclist.

Q:  Do I need a permit to register for the course?

No, you don't need a permit to register (sign-up). 

NOTE: If you are a Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, residents, you are not required to bring a permit, just your LICENSE.  Upon completion of our BRC, you will receive a Certificate of Completion in the mail within one week after your class.  This certificate is required to get your RI, NH, or ME License.

A noteworthy of mention: when registering online or mailing in a registration, please note that your driver's license is the same number as your permit number (which begins with an "S"); you may enter that number on your registration form to expedite processing.

Q:  I've registered some time ago and was told that I would receive a confirmation Email ..... I'm still waiting. Is there a problem?

(Gmail and Hotmail users check your spam box) If you did not receive an email confirmation after registering please contact the office. 

Q: How do I get my license through the course?

If you successfully complete either the Basic (on our motorcycle) or Experienced RiderCourse (on your motorcycle), have a valid Massachusetts motorcycle permit at the time, prepay your License ($3-$15) to be printed. You should receive your new license within 21 days of successfully completing the course.

Click on "Get Your License" to the left on the blue navigation bar, just under the "Home" button for a detailed description of the process to get your license!!!

We cannot guarantee licensing, you will have to check with the registry in your home state if other than Massachusetts. Many other states do accept successful completion of an MSF approved RiderCourse for licensing even if completed in another state, some require that you complete the course in their state. New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine do accept completion of the program in MA for licensing in their state. If you have any questions for states other than Massachusetts, check with your local RMV office, or visit, for a listing of state coordinators (membership) to contact about reciprocity.

Q: When can I expect to receive my license after the course?

You can expect to receive your new license in the mail within 21 days after successfully completing the course

Click on "Get Your License" to the left on the blue navigation bar, just under the "Home" button for a detailed description of the process to get your license!!!

Q: I've always wanted to learn how to ride, but I have special needs. Can you help?

We can only address special needs if you tell us what they are. The most common specials needs are language barriers ( a student who does not read or speak English ), are too short for even our training motorcycles, have physical limitations such as impaired bone joints, neurological problems such as MS, or are hearing impaired. If you think you may be hindered by any kind of special need, you must call our office to discuss the impact of your limitations, possible accommodations, or suitability of your participation. 

 Q: I notice that you have classes offered on holidays, such as Easter and Fourth of July; is that a mistake?


 Q: What are your refund, cancellation, and rescheduling policies?


Refunds will not be given:

    • If you cancel less than 10 days prior to class (you may still reschedule, see below).
    • If you fail to attend your scheduled class
    • If you had previously rescheduled (see below, once you reschedule you cannot receive a refund).
    • If you arrive late to class or practice and are not allowed to participate.
    • If you are dismissed by the instructor.

Q: I had/have a problem with the instructor or your policies, what should I do?



Q: My confirmation states a start time. What happens if I am late?


You will be told that "you are late and you cannot participate as the class" and, per RMV mandates, you need to complete all components of the course. Simply, you will be sent home and will lose your tuition.

We encourage students to arrive about 1/2 hour prior to the start of class if for nothing else, to target an earlier arrival and to compensate for the inevitable "unforeseeable occurrence beyond your control" (eg traffic, mechanical failure, alarm clock malfunction, etc). We can only control so much, the student must be responsible for their own actions and take responsibility to be on time. Most students do arrive on time; students who arrive late show a great discourtesy to those acting responsibly.

Q: I want to get a head start and prepare for the class, what can I do?

Download a copy of the coursebook and/or visit MSF interactive tour for course materials and a preview of course discussions and activities.

Q: Do you have helmets available?

No, not during the pandemic. Please bring your own (DOT approved). 

Q: Is public transportation available to your sites?


Q: What happens if it rains?

The RiderCourses are designed to run rain or shine. On our list of riding gear, you should have rain gear available to you. If you are properly prepared, riding in the rain can be a pleasant and valuable learning experience.

 Q: What should I do about lunch?

There are fast food and sub shops close by. It is always safest to pack a lunch and bring it with you. This will ensure you get what you need and have plenty of time to eat. While we are discussing food, consider bringing snacks and drink (water, etc) for breaks during riding exercises.

Q: Can I use my motorcycle for the beginner course?


 Q: Do you rent motorcycles for the Experienced RiderCourse?

No. We provide the motorcycles for the basic RiderCourse only. Mass Motorcycle School does not rent motorcycles at all. In order to participate in the Experienced RiderCourse, you must provide your own motorcycle.

Q: What do I need to know about using my motorcycle during the Experienced rider course?

Make sure your motorcycle is in good running order; it is inspected, registered, and insured. Your motorcycle will be given a pre-ride inspection by the instructor. If there are noticeable defects (worn tires, etc) you will not be allowed to ride and you will forfeit your tuition. Similarly, if your motorcycle breaks down during the course and you cannot continue, you will be dismissed (you must complete ALL exercises) and tuition will be forfeited.

Q: Is the Experienced rider course difficult or dangerous?

We get many questions similar to this but rest assured, the exercises practice basic turning and braking maneuvers. All exercises are meant to avoid motorcycle mishap or personal injury. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please discuss with the instructor.  But, also,  the exercises we use in this course are virtually the same as those in the second half of the basic/beginner course.

Q: What do you mean by "experienced rider"?

Someone who owns and operates a motorcycle and has been CURRENTLY riding for about a year or 1000 miles on the street. We get an awful lot of riders returning to the sport after a hiatus of many years who just bought a new bike; in our estimation, this is NOT considered an experienced rider and suggest taking the Basic Rider Course. Why, do you ask? Motorcycles have evolved beyond our comprehension from the old Nortons, Triumphs, Harleys, etc of 10-20-30 years ago...they just ain't what you remember anymore. Regrettably, much can be said about our bodies and reflexes.......our bodies/reflexes are developing inversely to the advances of today's motorcycles. Ironstone's position is if you've been away from motorcycling for more than 5 years, use our bike and take the Basic course; if you did ride years ago, take our course BEFORE you go spends thousands on that new Harley. You may come away with a different decision about riding.........but, the final decision is yours.........

Q: If my leg inseam is less than 26" can I still ride your motorcycles?

If your leg inseam is less than 26" you must come to one of our training sites prior to taking the course to sit on our motorcycles to ensure they will fit your needs. Please call the office to arrange this before you register for the course.

 Q: Are there any job opportunities at Mass Motorcycle School?

Yes. Please call our office 844-744-7433 to discuss

 Q: Is there a waiting list?

You can send an email to

Q: If I am under 18 years old, what do I need my parent or legal guardian to sign?

If you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver form.

Please see this page to print out the waiver form, have it signed and bring it to class with you.

Please call our office at 844-744-7433 and request a parental release form.

Q: If there are 2 or more people that wish to take the class together, how do we register?

If there are 2 or more of you who would like to participate in the course together we would be happy to accommodate you!

We will need separate registration forms for each of the participants. Simply indicate on each form the names of the others in your group. Our online registration has a notes section for just such purposes. If you are mailing or faxing, simply include a note with the names of the other people.

Registrations from separate people wishing to participate as a group should be submitted to us within 24 hours of each other. The bottom line is if you're registering now, make sure your friends register now too! Don't let them delay or we cannot process the registrations.

As long as we are notified that you would like to participate together we will be happy to make sure you can, but if you don't let us know we can't help out!

Q: I've lost my course completion card for my insurance discount (or military requirement to ride on base) or "certificate of motorcycle training" for my license. Can you help?

Mass Motorcycle School does not retain records beyond 5 years. If you have taken a class within the past 5 years, send us a check for $25.00 with a note requesting a "replacement course completion card" indicating about when you took the course, your name, license#, your email address if it's changed (where will we send the new card to). If we cannot find you in our database, we will call you or return your request. If we find your data, a card will be mailed out directly.