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I wanted to offer you some feedback after the beginner's class I attended Wednesday and Thursday of this week in Acton/Ayer. My expectations of the class were pretty open since I'd never attended a class like this before. Neil and Dave were excellent instructors. Neil moved the classroom sessions along, but didn't rush - fielded everyone's questions and kept us engaged. On the course they were both patient, clear, and offered constructive criticism that was very helpful. I learned a great deal in the beginner's course and will consider the advanced class when I have some more experience.

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had taking your Beginner's Course on August 4th and 5th. Kristen  was a wonderful teacher and very informative. Those two days were two extremely hot and humid days, but Kristen made it as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. She was very professional throughout the program and knowledgeable and steadfast about safety on the riding course. I have not ridden a bike in some 25 years, but with the help of Mike and Dennis, who was continuously humorous and positive, it was, well, like riding a "bike"! I recently purchased a 2006 Harley Custom Roadster and,with my new-found knowledge and boost in confidence, look forward to easing my way back out onto the roadways. I am considering taking another course with you to hone my skills, and thank you again for such a positive experience.

Anne Nash

These 2 guys (Dave and Rich) were the best 2 guys for the job! They truly know what they are doing and talking about when it comes to properly and safely handling a motorcycle. They both made every part of the course fun, enjoyable and educational all at the same time. They are great at making someone that might be a little timid at first feel very comfortable rather quickly. I didn't know the ins and outs like these guys do for proper riding skills, but thanks to them, they game me the knowledge to put it into practice every time i get on a bike. Thank you Dave And Rich and thank you Ironstone--- I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone that desires to safely and confidently enjoy riding motorcycles.

Sincerely, Matt Wynne
Motocross/ street bike enthusiast

We had a blast and we learned a lot!
When you consider that almost everyone in the group started their first range exercises barely able to ride without stalling were able to pass the range test (and most got over 100% on the written), I'd say it was because of the instructors.

(coach) enthusiasm for teaching is apparent (even at 7:30 in the morning) and both of their knowledge of how to convert shaky riders into safer riders was amazing.

I'm thoroughly impressed and will readily reccomend the course to all of my friends.

I want to thank you and your staff for a great learning experience. Your
instructor (coach), was excellent as was his assistant on the range.
The classroom study as well as the range exercises were toughly educational
and enjoyable experience for me, and I'm sure, all the other students had a
similar experience.

(coach) style of discussing all the issues raised by the Rider Handbook and
the reasons behind its recommendations were educational, entertaining and
done in a way that helped us understand the importance of its content.
Also, his comments help a great deal with the mechanics of taking the tests.

I will certainly be back to take the advanced class once I have a machine
and put a couple of thousand miles on it.

I have been a passenger on a motorcycle since the seventies. 
May of this year I bought a small 49cc Malaguti Scooter.   I absolutely loved the feeling of freedom it gave me.
My husband, being concerned about my safety and well being, suggested I take a motorcycle safety course.
A girlfriend of mine wanted to get her motorcycle license, so said I would do it with her. 
By taking your Beginner Rider Course, we both not only learned a lot about safety, but we also learned how to ride a motorcycle.  On top of that, we will be getting my motorcycle license from passing this course. 
WOW!!!  What a deal.
The classroom training given by Joe was great.  I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  There is so much to learn about riding and safety.  I guess you can never know to much about safe riding.
The motorcycle driving course was given by Steve and Neil.  They were terrific instructors.
Believe me it was no cake walk.  They made us work really hard. 
When I did not perform an exercise incorrectly, I would first be asked by the instructor what I did wrong.  If I did not know or explain properly what I thought I did wrong.  The instructor would always tell me what I did wrong and how to correct it.  I would then practice the exercise and do better. 
I must note, the instructors never said anything to anyone in the class in a condescending way.  They were always positive.
Steve and Neil make a great team.  They made learning how to ride a motorcycle fun.  I especially liked the demonstration of each exercise before having to do it.  Explaining how to do things is one thing, but seeing how to do it is always better for me.
Thanks for a great course, excellent instructors and a fun time.  I really learned a lot.  Now all I have to do is practice, practice, practice.
G. Brodeur  Dracut, MA



Comments:     I am amazed at how much I learned from my instructors in class and on the driving range. I knew relatively nothing about motorcycles before I took the course. I had never ridden on a motorcycle before Saturday's class.  A day later I know the Basic Rider course curriculum inside out and I feel confident enough to ride on my own three weeks from now when I expect to get my motorcycle license.  As the lead instructor, Rick Barrett was great.  I was impressed with his knowledge and enjoyed his sense of humor.  Bill Oakland was also very helpful on the driving range.  I have nothing but praise for the way both instructors, but especially Rick, taught us.  Thanks also to Joe and Jane Proia for Ironstone Ventures and the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for supporting this program for motorcycle training. Based on my experience with the course this weekend, we are all much safer on the roads for what your instructors taught us.  I'd hate to see what would happen on the roads if for some reason this program did not exist.  Keep up this important work.

Dear Motorcycle School: 

I finished my beginner course yesterday and had to write to tell you what a great experience it was. 

The instructors were great. They took us through step by step and it all fell into place by the end.  Their method of teaching, classroom as well as range, eliminated any fear a 54 year old first time rider might feel.  I certainly felt it and it melted away like the snow around the range as we were riding. 

I’m hooked on riding and owe that in large part to Motorcycle School. I came out of the course feeling confident that I understood the basics, the dangers and the fact that I need a lot more practice which I can now do in a safe manner.

Thank you, 

John E. Reid



Dear Dave,
I had the pleasure of meeting you last weekend and passing your course with the help of two special people, Dan and John and 10 supportive classmates. The classroom instruction was extremely interesting and informative. I took home a new found appreciation as a Massachusetts driver. I had never driven a motorcyle prior to this course and once I learned the basic "FINEC" technique, I couldn't wait to get out on the range and "become one with my bike". I had fun, learned a tremendous amount of safety skills and I made some new friends. I am soo very glad I followed through with this program. I cannot say enough to credit your operation and the men you have teaching.  I know this course changed my life for the better.
THANK YOU and keep up the good work everyone. See you on the road.
Dianne Marie Reffeitt - Jordan 



I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the class at
Bunkerhill this past weekend.
I had heard a few horror storys about the MSF courses. A few people
told me to get experience on a bike even before I went. They informed me
that the instructors were mean and would kick you out if they did not
like your ability or confidence. One friend of mine informed me that
half his class either quit or was kicked out of the class. So needless
to say I was hesitant on going but I knew I needed to get some kind of
training before I took my new harley out on Route 2 besides my brother &
American Harley hounded me to go.
I have to say Jeff and Deb put all my fears to rest. They both were
very friendly,imformative and professional. The class went well  beyond
my expectations and I am sure I will use all the skills and technics to
becoming a safe motorcyclist.
Donna LeBlanc
Westminster, MA


"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and ...[the instructor]... for putting me through a great program yesterday and today in Seekonk.   Coming into the program with absolutley no riding experience I wasn't sure what I was in for.  Thanks to the technique used, I not only learned a tremendous amount, I also started to believe I could really do this thing called motorcycle riding.
[The instructors]...classroom style made everyone feel at home, regardless of their knowledge level.  The emphasis on safety makes so much sense.  Thank you."

Gary Pollard
via e-mail

"I just wanted to let you know what a well run, professional course you at Ironstone Ventures, Ltd. operate.  Having never ridden a motorcycle prior to this weekend, I found ...[the instructors]... to be very patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable when it came to operating the bikes safely.
I passed the course and found my experience to be a very positive one and have a new found respect for the motorcycle rider and the skills they need to operate a motorcycle safely.
Thanks again for a great experience and I look forward to being a responsible motorcycle operator."

Rose Talbot-Babey
Springfield, MA

"I would like to say I felt, as many did, that the information supplied was the best education I could have received for my money.  I can now understand and appreciate the level of competency and awareness that the motorcycle driver must have while operating his/her motorcycle.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Ironstone Ventures, Ltd. for offering this course.  Keep up the good work, guys!!"

Susan Redstone
via fax

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for such a woderful and informative Beginner motorcycle RiderCourse in Seekonk, MA.   ...[The instructors]... were of the highest quality.  I don't know how they can keep everything running and at the same time keeping safety the first concern.
I have been a police officer for 22 plus years and am now in charge of training 102 officers, and I just wish I had those two working for me.  Their professionalism was fantastic, as well as their knowledge.  I could not wait to get on my bike and start riding the proper way.  I also don't know how I survived without first taking this course.  You cannot put a price on one's life, so I would recommend your course to everyone.
You should be very proud of the service you perform as well as your instructor staff.   Thanks again, and please pass my thanks and gratitude on to your instructors.   I just want to add, that my riding has improved 100% and I feel so much more comfortable with my bike." 

Thornton (Tom) Morse
Plymouth, MA

" Let me first thank you for a well organized, clear, concise program of instruction from professional instructors who got right to the point and didn't waste any time.
My full time job is as a flight paramedic with Boston MedFlight, a medical helicopter service.  As you can imagine, I have the occasion to take care of many motorcycle accident victims.  After completing the course last Sunday, I looked up the records from the last 8 motorcycle accidents I had been to.  The shocking thing was that all 8 accidents were preventable and resulted from riders not employing the principles and techniques that I learned last weekend.  The causes?  Alcohol, excessive speed and improper safety gear were there, but so were the less obvious causes like unfamiliarity with road conditions, riders failing to ride within their limits, or clothing just not visible enough.
In medicine, we think of ourselves as saving lives, but in reality, I think you do more than we do.  The people that complete your course and stick to your teachings are the ones that never end up in my helicopter.  You save more lives by preventing accidents than I ever will by flying riders who don't utilize basic safety principles.  I'll encourage others to take your program and will come back for the advanced course when I am ready.  Keep up the great work."

Joseph Murray, EMT-P
Westwood, MA

"I am writing as a very satisfied student.  I took your Motorcycle Rider Education Course .  I got a great return on my tuition fee.  I started out not knowing anything.  Now I have a good grasp of the essential basics.  The range (riding) part of the course was most challenging - I was totally inexperienced and intimidated.  I really appreciate the chance to test again today - and PASS.
Thanks a lot."

Robin Good
Amesbury, MA

"I would like to take this time to thank your instructors for their professionalism, integrity, and patience.  Both my wife and I got a lot of valuable information that we both know the majority of bikers out on the streets don't know.   Though we'll be taking it easy and practicing our skills learned at the class the next few months, we feel a lot more confident that we'll be developing GOOD habits and doing it the right way.  Thanks again and looking forward to the Experienced RiderCourse in the spring."

Philip and Jean Ventresca
Walpole, MA

"I had such a good experience attending Motorcycle School's course that I wanted to commend them.
I am middle age and had never ridden a motorcycle before, but this year my wife and I thought it would be fun to do some scenic riding.  I had no previous knowledge of this course until all the motorcycle dealerships that we went to and the registry recommended attending the (course). Having the knowledge that I could take a training course was paramount in my decision to buy a motorcycle.  I never imagined that the school would be so well run, it exceeded all my expectations. 
I strongly recommend this course to everyone who wants to ride a motorcycle and live."

Mike Ferrick
via e-mail