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Mass Motorcycle School, LLC, Formerly Ironstone Ventures, LTD was founded by Joe Proia!

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Just one of the great adventures:


Joe Proia and the gang returned from EuroTour 2001 on Sept 4, 2003.

Our trip began on Aug 25, 2003. This year the international motorcycle show was held in Milan, Italy. But we decided to move our trip up by about 3 weeks, which negated any chance of attending the ECIMA and Oktoberfest. But this proved to give us a little better weather and warmer temperatures as winter can begin to make itself know at the higher altitudes.........

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The trip began outside Zurich, Switzerland where we picked up our rental bikes in Aarau (BMWs and Yamahas; Joe rode a 2003 Yamaha FZ1). We headed south towards Andermatt, first crossing the Grimsel pass, then to the Furka as we arrived at Andermatt. After overnighting in Andermatt, we head east through the Oberalp. We travel southeast to the Abula, then south through the Bernia and into Bormio.

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Next stop, the Stelvio!! From the Stelvio we head further east through Bolzano and onto the Dolomites around Cortina. Here we travel the passes of the Sella, Gardena, Falzarego, di Giau, Tre Cim, and Tre Croce.

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Outside Cortina we overnight and are celebrated by the locals as American motorcyclists. From Cortina we head north through the Grossglockner in Austria where the winds seem to pick up to near hurricane force and we are treated to our first rain, which lasts all the way to our perennial destination, Eschenlohe, which is 15 km north of Garmisch.

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After a couple of nights of great food and wonderful friendship with our German friends, visiting the castles of King Ludwig at Linderhof and Neuschwanstein, and walking about the monastery of Ettal, we head towards the Schwarzwald.

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We spend about three days riding the wonderful roads between Freiburg, Baden-Baden, and Stuttgart beforing heading back to Aarau, where we return the bikes before taking the train back to Zurich for our flight home.

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 Kinda says it all, doesn't it?